01♛→ hello~

hello, and welcome to another post!
My name is KingJamaa, but you can just call me King. I am a thirteen-year-old blogger, whose first blog dates back to 2015; however I’ve been switching blogs a lot– in fact, this very blog is the fifth that I have founded/co-founded!
I am quite the passionate editor, and I’ve been editing since 2015, when I opened up my second blog with an AJ friend of mine. My other hobbies include drawing, writing, and listening to those “emo” bands by the name of Twenty One Pilots (yes please talk to me about my beans), Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and My Chemical Romance.

- - - ♛ - - - 

With that, I hope you have at least a general liking of my page, and don’t forget to explore and become a sprout, a follower of the AJG~. To navigate, there is a three lined button in the top left corner of the page, which is where you’ll find my gadgets! Ah, quite a tricky theme to navigate, yet one I adore.

Anyways, that’s it from me for now. Ciao!

02♛→ blogger den challenge

hello, welcome!

I’m KingJamaa, as you could probably tell by just viewing this blog. How is your Lucky Day going? I can’t manage to get Lucky on Dash Tag, which is unfortunate, but other than that I’m doing fine and dandy. (And that, my friend, is a TOP reference.) *silence* OH MY GOSH I GOT PRINCE SCREECH!!

Anyways, me freaking out about Prince isn’t the point of this post. The point? I’m announcing a very special challenge I’ve had in my mind since either January or February~! It is called the blogger den challenge.

- - - ♛ - - - 

what is this challenge you speak of, and how did it originate? This challenge allows you to be creative and create a den that represents you as a blogger, you as an individual. When I was on AJ one day, I was looking for a theme for my Cosmo’s Treehouse den, and it hit me– I’m going to make a den and base it on my personality!
And thus, the challenge was born, as I want everyone to enjoy the fun and take part in it.
- - - ♛ - - - 

Hwhat does your den look like…